Why is GolfSpinach different from all other golf applications?

Our company (GolfSpinach) is passionate about golf and seeks to restore the world-wide interest for all people to get out and play and enjoy a round of golf! Golf is meant to be fun, challenging yes, but fun and highly rewarding mentally, physically and spiritually! Take the GolfSpinach challenge and Go play a round of golf!

GolfSpinach is ... “The” Mobile App that will bring you and your friends/buddies together to play and enjoy the world’s most amazing game, The Game of Golf ⛳. As Bagger Vance (fiction of course) once said … "What I'm talkin about is a game -- A game that can't be won only played --" Let me explain a little about GolfSpinach. The GolfSpinach App fills a gap that many of us have. You see we Golfers, we love the Game as there is none other like it on earth. However, at times we struggle to find, and commit, someone to join us in the fun of another golfing adventure 😊. Further, once we do get out to play, we often don’t capture and perhaps too-soon forget the great courses we’ve played, the great shots we made and overall, the great fun and fulfillment we experienced. The GolfSpinach App targets these aspects of this most intriguing game. A game that unites our worlds on so many fronts.

GolfSpinach seeks to elevate our game through the social interaction and multi-media capture of our amazing experiences. In the end, with GolfSpinach, Golfing with your friends just got easier!

A few specifics ... The GolfSpinach mobile application let's you setup individual golfing networks consisting of your friends, buddies, work associates, or golf course men's, women's or junior-golf leagues as other examples. Once you have your networks in place, you can post messages, images or videos and have any or all of those network members see/interact with your posts. You can also setup events (a Tee-Time, Tournament, Golf-Outing) and invite members of your network(s) to the event. Invitees can accept or decline your event and/or like/comment on your event as well as like/comment on any of your postings.

The GolfSpinach mobile application is fully integrated with Apple and Google push notifications which means that members of your networks, and you yourself, will get notifications pushed to your device whenever a post is directed to you, you are invited to an event, someone accepts or declines your event invitation or if there are comments/likes on any of your GolfSpinach activities. If you have/use an Apple Watch or other Smart Watches, that are notification capable, you will also see these notifications there.

Finally, the GolfSpinach application authenticates users through their username which is their unique email address. When setting up your account profile you will be prompted to provide key elements to facilitate the use of the application, a password to secure your access, a cell phone # and other information to enable GolfSpinach Inc. to communicate and interact with you after you become a member. Further, GolfSpinach supports both Facebook, Google and Apple social sign-ins where your GolfSpinach profile will be initially populated with profile data retrieved from these social providers. Note that email validation (confirmation) is required for new account registrations except for those that include the social sign-ins as described above.

  • ~ Passion ~

    We, the GolfSpinach team, with our deep passion and intense desire to NEVER be "just another golf app", commit to all GolfSpinach users to provide an exciting,"like no other" game experience, which will provide players at any level, the opportunity to elevate their golfing experience. We will do this by bringing players together to share their passion, competition, and love of the game.

  • ~ Commitment ~

    Our continued and on-going commitment to ALL GolfSpinach users is to listen to and evaluate feedback and consider potentially adding key and desired functionality. This approach will help strengthen and enhance our Mobile Application and enrich your golfing experience.

  • ~ The Future of GolfSpinach ~

    At GolfSpinach, we are always forward thinking with our Mobile and Web Applications and believe our actions today will directly impact our functionality of tomorrow. As a team, we will continue improving our platforms which will dramatically impact your overall golfing experience.

    ~   Golf tips
    ~   Attach Multi-Media to Events
    ~   Advanced Scoring and Handicap Tracking
    ~   Golf Fitness Instruction
    ~   Integration with leading Golf Simulation Platforms
    ~   Putt-Line Data
    ~   Shot Tracer Technology
    ~   GPS Course Navigation
    ~   Tee Time Reservations
    ~   All-Inclusive Domestic Golf Charters
    ~   GolfSpinach and other major brand Golf clothing
    ~   Gaming - Tournament, Hole by Hole, Shot by Shot
    ~   Used Golf Equipment
    ~   Golf Carts (new, gently used, lease)
    ~   Golf Equipment Shipping

Why support GolfSpinach ?

~ Because you love golf almost as much as we do! ~

Hi, I am Greg T. we are all interested in improving our golf game in one aspect or another. Such as putting accuracy, the often painful short-game, and of course, driving distance, to name a few. However, at GolfSpinach, we are also passionate about another aspect of our golfing experience, the social side of the game. In other words, there are few events more exciting than playing a round of golf with family and friends on a beautiful sunny day where we can share our passion and enjoyment for the game we love. Whether it be in a small group, a family event, or a large office tournament, GolfSpinach will elevate your golfing experience.

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President and CEO

The GolfSpinach Team

As we seek the interest and continued support from each of you, we as a GolfSpinach team feel it important to share some highlights of our experience and expertise. Our hope is the more you know about our collective backgrounds, the greater confidence level you will have in our technical depth and extensive business experience.

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Greg T.

Co-Founder & CEO

Greg has over 25 years of corporate business experience in Program Management, Project Management, Technology, IT Security, and Compliance auditing. In addition, 15 years as a successful business entrepreneur in various business ventures. Passionate about family, life, fitness, and golf.

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Scott P.

Co-Founder & CTO

Scott has 30+ years of engineering, software development, software architecture and technology leadership experience with Boeing, Lockheed/General Dynamics, Fidelity Investments and Marriott Intl. He is motivated by helping golfers everywhere learn to love the game again.

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Craig W.

UI UX Architecture

Craig has 25+ years of UX, CX, IXD, UI experience in the Architecture of Web and Mobile Applications. He has provided his services to: Zions Bancorp, Fidelity Investments, Under Armour, ExxonMobil, AT&T and several other Enterprise companies. Craig loves designing UX Processes and Applications that are Intuitive to use!

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Jenna B.

Application Architect

Jenna has 12+ years of software development from web apps to APIs to mobile apps! She loves solving problems with technology. When not coding, you can find me coaching CrossFit, nutrition coaching, or picking heavy things up and putting them down.


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